The Gathering 2020

The Gathering 2020



Dear Friends

As the impact of Covid-19 takes its toll, socially, emotionally and economically across the globe, it is increasingly unlikely that our 2020 Clan Gathering can take place in its intended form. The Scottish Government is suggesting that large gatherings at public events are banned or restricted for some time to come and that social-distancing measures will remain in force even longer. Many of you have already seen your travel plans compromised and our local Ballater Highland Games have recently joined the long list of event cancellations this year.

Every cancelled event represents a blow to the local economy and this must have been a very difficult decision, especially knowing how brilliant the Games Committee are at delivering a truly impressive event.

Although we had a really exciting programme lined up for our members at the Gathering this year, from excursions and distillery tours to a theatrical performance and even the presence of the Welcome Panel of the Great Tapestry of Scotland to which visitors to our tent at the Ballater Games could have added a stitch, we have made the decision to make 2020 a Virtual Gathering allowing participation from not only more clans-people throughout the UK than ever before but also allowing the participation from our counterparts around the globe.

We appreciate that the Covid-19 pandemic will have impacted greatly upon household budgets and priorities, however should you have the means and desire to do so, please give whatever support you can to Braemar Castle’s fundraising appeal, a campaign that desperately needs funds for the preservation and restoration of this landmark that has played such an important role in our clan’s history. The castle is run by a community-led group consisting principally of volunteers.

Meanwhile, very best wishes to you and yours. Stay safe, stay well, stay positive and stay connected.